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in Platis Gialos


Play, Gymnastics and Fun at sea!

For those who want to enjoy the endless blue in a different... way!

Find the right bunch of friends, take along your children or your companion and stroll the bay of Platy Yialos with a pedal boat or a pedal boat with a slider (for taking hilarious long dives!).

If you belong to the modern type of individual or to an "athletic" sort of type, try the S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddling), the canoe of the modern generation with Polynesian roots! Either standing up or on your knees or seated and either alone or with a company, it is certain that you will enjoy it...

And if you belong to the more "traditional" type, the canoes are just there for you! No need to be a professional athlete ... Play with your friends, exercise or just relax on it!

The company adheres to all safety rules as defined by the Greek legislation.

You will find

  • pedal boat with or without a slider
  • S.U.P.
  • canoe



Ελισάβετ Έλλη 20 May 2015

Mprabo sta paidia! Apithani doulia!!

Γιάννης Τραντάς, 26 July 2015


Παναγιώτης- Ελένη, 17 May 2015