Best Greek Island Hopping from Sifnos via a Private RIB Boat
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28 Jul

Best Cycladic Greek Island Hopping from Sifnos (via a Private Boat)

Have you ever wondered about what are the best Greek islands in the Cyclades to hop on to while in Sifnos via a private boat, with your chosen company?

Greetings, this is Nikolaos Kontogannis, your skipper from Bloomarine Sifnos boat rentals. When it comes to private cruises from Sifnos Island in Greece, there are various popular itineraries that showcase the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding islands and coastline.

In this article, I am presenting you with a few examples of the most renowned private boating excursions that are highly recommended for an unforgettable experience in the Cycladic group of islands, departing from Sifnos Platis Gialos.


Best Greek island hopping itineraries from Sifnos via a Private boat

Best Greek island hopping itineraries from Sifnos via a Private boat

1. Sifnos to Milos Island Cycladic Gem Cruise

This itinerary takes you on a journey through the enchanting Cycladic Islands, allowing you to explore the gems of the Aegean Sea. Departing from Sifnos, you can visit neighboring islands such as Milos, known for its stunning rock formations and colorful sea caves.

2. Sifnos to Santorini Island Excursion

Continue your voyage to the world-famous island of Santorini, where you can immerse yourself in its volcanic landscapes and picturesque villages perched on cliff tops. This itinerary offers a perfect blend of natural wonders, captivating history, and unparalleled beauty.

3. Sifnos to Delos and Mykonos Discovery Boat Trip

Embark on a private cruise to the mythical island of Delos, an archaeological gem and UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the ancient ruins of this sacred island, considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

From Delos, sail to the vibrant island of Mykonos, renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, charming narrow streets, and iconic windmills.

Discover the island’s pristine beaches, indulge in world-class dining, and experience its legendary nightlife. This itinerary combines cultural exploration with the allure of Mykonos’ glamorous lifestyle.

4. Sifnos to Serifos and Kimolos Boating Escape

This itinerary offers a serene getaway to the nearby islands of Serifos and Kimolos, known for their unspoiled beauty and tranquil ambiance. Sail to Serifos and discover its picturesque harbor, traditional whitewashed villages, and secluded beaches.

Enjoy leisurely walks through its charming alleys and sample delicious local cuisine.

From Serifos, continue your journey to the idyllic island of Kimolos, where you can relax on pristine sandy beaches and swim in crystal-clear waters. This itinerary provides a serene escape for those seeking tranquility and untouched natural landscapes.

5. Sifnos to Poliegos and Folegandros Boat Trip

Explore the untouched beauty of the lesser-known islands of Poliegos and Folegandros on this adventurous itinerary. Departing from Sifnos, sail to Poliegos, a small uninhabited island famous for its pristine beaches and crystalline waters. Discover secluded bays and enjoy snorkeling in its vibrant underwater world.

From Poliegos, continue to the rugged and charming island of Folegandros. Explore its traditional Chora, perched on a cliff, and soak in panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Folegandros offers a unique blend of natural beauty, traditional charm, and peaceful seclusion.

Book Your Private RIB Cruise from Sifnos Today

These itineraries represent just a glimpse of the top private cruise options available from Sifnos Island. Whether you choose to explore the Cycladic Islands, discover ancient ruins, or immerse yourself in untouched paradises, each itinerary promises a voyage filled with unforgettable moments and breathtaking scenery.

Tailor your private cruise to your preferences and let the wonders of the Greek islands unfold before you. See all the available private rib cruise itineraries hereĀ  – Book yours online today!



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